NGC 772 - The Nautilus Galaxy

NGC 772, located within the Aries constellation, emerges as a celestial marvel situated at a staggering distance of 130 million light-years from earth. This spiral galaxy, bedecked with resplendent characteristics, not only enthralls with its aesthetic grandeur but also beckons scientific inquiry.

Physical Attributes:

  • Spiral Elegance: NGC 772 exudes the hallmark traits of a grand spiral galaxy, wherein gracefully arching arms extend outward from a central nucleus. These arms encompass an expansive territory, spanning approximately 100,000 light-years in diameter, dwarfing the dimensions of our own Milky Way.
  • Dust Filigree: NGC 772's spiral arms are adorned with intricate dust lanes, intricately woven swaths of cosmic particles. These dark lanes, intertwined with stellar luminosity, yield a striking visual contrast, drawing the observer into their captivating intricacy.
  • Nuclear Brilliance: Nestled within the galaxy's core resides a luminous nucleus, an enigmatic realm teeming with stars and concealing the potential presence of a supermassive black hole—a subject warranting further scrutiny to substantiate.

Galactic Dynamics and Interactions:

NGC 772's serene façade conceals a tumultuous history characterized by gravitational interactions with neighboring galaxies. Observations have unveiled tendrils and bridges of stars and interstellar material, extending as celestial bonds to neighboring galactic companions. These structures serve as relics of past close encounters, sculpting the galaxy's exterior.

Stellar Genesis:

Within the spiral arms of NGC 772 lies an active theater of star birth. Densely populated regions of gas and dust nurture the formation of nascent stars. These young, luminous entities grace the cosmos with their brilliance. Their radiant emissions illuminate adjacent gas clouds, manifesting as resplendent hydrogen-rich regions known as H II regions.

  • Category

    Spiral Galaxy SA(s)b

  • Coordinates

    RA 01h 59m 19.6s
    DEC +19° 00′ 27″

  • Distance

    42 Mpc

  • Apparent Mag

    11.1 mag (int)

  • Equipment

    TS ONTC8 200/800 Astrograph
    iOptron CEM70G
    Skywatcher 10" f/4
    Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 GT
    QHY 294m pro
    ZWO ASI 120m mini

  • Exposure

    L: 191 x 180 s
    L(short): 2248 x 5 s
    R: 38 x 180 s
    G: 41 x 180 s
    B: 39 x 180 s
    Total Integration: 18.6 h

  • Publication Date


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