NGC 7331 - Spiral Galaxy in Pegasus

until the latest Gaia release that showed our Milky Way to be a barred spiral galaxy, this galaxy was believed to be a twin of our own galaxy. Being similar in size and shape, it has a couple of faint satellite galaxies you can see on its left, called the NGC 7331 or "Deer Lick" Group.

In spiral galaxies the central bulge typically co-rotates with the disk but the bulge in the galaxy NGC 7331 is rotating in the opposite direction to the rest of the disk. In both visible light and infrared photos of the NGC 7331, the core of the galaxy appears to be slightly off-center, with one side of the disk appearing to extend further away from the core than the opposite side.

  • Category

    Spiral Galaxy SA(s)b

  • Coordinates

    RA 22h 37m 04.1s
    DEC +34° 24′ 56″

  • Distance

    39.8 Million ly

  • Apparent magnitude

    10.4 mag

  • Equipment

    28“ f/8 RC
    Custom Mount
    SBIG STX-16803

  • Exposure

    L: 60 x 90 s
    R: 40 x 60 s
    G: synthetic
    B: 40 x 60 s
    Total Integration: 2.8 h

  • Publication Date


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