NGC 2442 - The Meathook Galaxy

NGC 2442, situated in the constellation Volans, is a captivating spiral galaxy that draws attention with its unusual morphology. Dubbed the "Meathook Galaxy," its prominent feature is a striking curved structure resembling a hook. This galaxy exhibits distinct spiral arms including luminous regions of active star formation, contrasted by dark lanes of interstellar dust. Noteworthy observations include the identification of a central bar structure, indicative of potential gravitational interactions with neighboring galactic systems possibly the galaxy PGC 21457 or NGC 2434. NGC 2442 serves as a compelling subject for scientific inquiry, offering valuable insights into the mechanisms driving galaxy evolution and the dynamics of stellar birth and demise within its stellar population. Additionally, the presence of supernova events within its spiral arms underscores its significance as a site of astrophysical phenomena worthy of continued investigation. It has seen at least 2 Supernovae in the last 25 years (SN1999ga and SN2015F) also including an additional Supernova imposter Gaia16cfr.

Long exposures and a starless rendition of the luminance data show an ensemble of large nebulous structure in the field of view. This can both originate from stellar streams of tidal disruption resulting from the interaction of NGC 2442 with neighbor galaxies or the general presence of interstellar dust in this region which has been already observed. However to confidently differentiate extensive observations and astrophysical anaylsis is required.

Photographed from Hakos, Namibia under Bortle 1 conditions together with Peter Englmeier.

  • Category

    Spiral Galaxy SAB(s)bc pec

  • Coordinates

    RA 07h 36m 23.8s
    DEC −69° 31′ 51″

  • Redshift

    z = 1466+-5 km/s

  • Apparent Mag

    11.2 mag (V)

  • Equipment

    TS ONTC12 300/1380 Astrograph
    10Micron GM3000
    Lacerta DS 2600mm

  • Exposure

    L: 33 x 300 s
    R: 17 x 300 s
    G: 16 x 300 s
    B: 17 x 300 s
    Total Integration: 6.9 h

  • Publication Date


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