IC 410 - The Tadpoles Nebula

IC 410 is a very large scale emission nebula surrounding the open star cluster NGC 1893. The central part of the nebula has a diameter of 20 arcminutes, but the whole surrounding area is permeated by red emmision nebulae. It inherits its name from the two brighter emission structures in the upper part of the nebula resembling two tadpoles. The nebula also shows a violet or blue hue in the central region originating from Hydrogen-Beta and Oxigen emission which requires a higher excitation energy and hence is mor prominent close to the ionizing source being the central star cluster.

  • Category

    Emission Nebula

  • Coordinates

    RA 05h 22m 44,1s
    DEC +33° 24′ 43″

  • Distance

    ~ 400 pc

  • Apparent Mag

    7.5 mag (int.)

  • Equipment

    Takahashi ɛ-130D
    Skywatcher AZ-EQ6
    QHY-9S mono CCD

  • Exposure

    R: 30 x 120 s
    G: 30 x 120 s
    B: 30 x 120 s
    Hα: 36 x 300 s

    Total Integration: 6.0 h

  • Publication Date


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