CTB 1 / Abell 85 - The Cassiopeia Supernova

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Supernova Remnant CTB 1 (Abell 85) or SNR G116.9+0.1, nestled within the Cassiopeia constellation, unfolds a cosmic drama following the explosive demise of a massive star. This celestial relic exhibits a multifaceted structure shaped by shockwaves interacting with the interstellar medium. Magnetic fields within CTB 1 play a pivotal role, influencing the dynamics and particle acceleration, resulting in synchrotron radiation across diverse frequencies.

By scrutinizing these intricate details, astronomers gain valuable insights into the fundamental astrophysical processes driving supernova evolution, magnetic field amplification, and the injection of cosmic rays into the interstellar medium, deepening our understanding of the broader cosmic narrative.

Photographed from Bamberg, Germany under Bortle 5 conditions.

  • Category

    Supernova Remnant

  • Coordinates

    RA 23h 59m 00s
    DEC +62° 24′ 00″

  • Distance

    1.6-3.1 kpc

  • Apparent Mag


  • Equipment

    TS ONTC8 200/800 Astrograph
    iOptron CEM70G
    QHY 294m pro

  • Exposure

    L: 71 x 180 s
    R: 30 x 180 s
    G: 29 x 180 s
    B: 23 x 180 s
    Ha: 171 x 300 s
    OIII: 77 x 300 s
    Total Integration: 28.8 h

  • Publication Date


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